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People sell to people every day in any job or personal interaction, they don’t always do it well or even realise they are selling but from getting dressed in the morning, persuading a child to eat their breakfast, making plans with friends or even when being sold to by a cold caller. Selling is also found in all roles in all industries. is a web job board dedicated to sales jobs / jobs in sales.

A career in sales can provide you with personal and professional exciting and lucrative opportunities, we have many entry level sales roles and genuinely believe that experience in sales teaches you skills to sell anything, even yourself for future career moves.

We also have roles for experienced Sales professionals across; B2B, B2C, Direct, Channel, Telesales, Field, Export, FMCG, IT, Online media, advertising, Customer Service, Scientific, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Account Management, Recruitment etc.

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