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About Us
About the UK Sales Industry
Sales-Employment’s mission is to connect people looking for Sales roles with suitable Sales jobs, and nothing else.  If you are thinking of moving into Sales, here is what to expect and why you should:

Sales Salary Expectations

No one should be in sales for the basic but you can expect a starting salary of between £20,000 and £30,000. Budget not to make commission in your first 6 months but aim to make sales as you enter the building once established you should be at least doubling you basic, (unless you are on commission only) some companies commission is uncapped but in all sales careers there's the potential for very high earnings, particularly in for talented and hardworking individuals.
Sales Job Basic Skills

In all cases to enjoy sales you must enjoy dealing with people typically creating, building and maintaining relationships. This uses skills including communication, diplomacy, confidence and the ability to deal with rejection, (a lot :)).
The good, (and bad) news it that you will be judged by your results.
Sales Qualifications

Do I need a related degree? No you don’t but it helps.
For many sales positions, your personality and aptitude for the profession may be viewed as more important than particular qualifications. If you're starting out in IT sales, a Business or Computer Science degree may be preferred, otherwise you'll likely have to demonstrate commercial awareness and a strong interest in IT.
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