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Candidate Job Search Details
E Commerce Sales Agents
To Be Agreed      Salary: £ 413 - £ 550

Business is expanding and I can no longer keep up with the health and cosmetic sales online. Looking for UK sales agents, sellers or new starters to e-commerce to sell, package, post and re list items. We supply the stock and you sell it. Equipment list: (I can supply some or you can get your own): 6x4 label thermal printer Label rolls Jiffy bags Sellotape You will first sell 1 or 2 brands then if your happy I will give you more stock ranges to sell. Estimated earnings are £550 - £1250 a week. There will be a lot of hard work making sure you ship out orders using evri and royal mail. Not all delivery companies permit liquids so you will have to find the correct carrier. This is an exciting opportunity so loyal, long term sellers are a must. Thanks

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